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We Show cased our latest state-of-the-art; GLS2000 Scanner, LN100 Layout Navigator, IP-S3 Mobile Mapping system, GNSS receiver and different models of total Station
ATP1/ATP1S 360° prism*3 : 2 to 600m (6.6 to 1,960ft.), Prism-5 mini prism : 1.3 to 500m (4.3 to 1,640ft.) OR1PA : 1.3 to 500m (4.3 to 1,640ft.)
Topcon Measuring Station Opens New Era in Ultra-Precision 3D Measurement. Featuring a wide array of innovative technologies, the MS05A and MS1A total stations offer superior performance
Robotic total station, Tracking speed 20 degrees, High productivity & effectiveness, easy data communication, network device connect office & field seamlessly
The advanced total station with a trigger key for fast Measurements with a waterproof factor provides Single Prism measurement up to 4KM in good accuracy
With the latest total station technology in an IP65 rated housing, the OS can handle whatever you need to accomplish.
Fast and powerful with laser pointer, reflector less measuring upto 500 Meters, Rugged & user friendly design, the longest battery life upto 36 hours.
These precision instruments ensure reliable leveling even when working near heavy equipment or busy highways where fine vibrations could be present.

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